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OOC - Sock Profile

Name: Alyssia "Lyssie" Wells
Age: 21
Religion: Her family's Christian, but she's not heavily religious
Sexuality: Bi
Family: Single father, unreliable missing mom, pain in the ass little brother. She's close with her dad's sister and his family, especially her cousin James whom she treats more like a brother than Patrick.
Appearance: Noticeably plump without being too fat and has no need to "slim down". She's of average height with short light brown hair and bright green eyes, and her fashion sense varies between hiker and hippie.

Height: 5'3
Cup size: 36C
Relationship status: Dating Hannah

Favorite Food: Blueberry muffins, avocado
Least favorite food: Cauliflower
Cooking skills: B+
Best recipe: Crab salad, baked apples with cinnamon

State of bedroom: Pretty neat. She's taken to hiding her fandom possessions not out of embarrassment but to protect them from the grubby hands of her brother or other irritating socks at the safehouse.
Underwear: Standard bra and panties, usually with flowered patterns.
Pajamas: Long flannel nightgown in cold weather, pants and a tank top in warm weather.
Grades in school: Mostly As and Bs, with Cs in subjects she isn't as good with.

Alyssia means well, that's the first thing you notice about her. She's a nice person and she believes in what she says, but she has the tendency to go overboard in her defenses and crusades. She's been Fandom Wanked once and tends to get in hot water for shooting her mouth off; her lack of patience for bashing and bullying leads to her speaking without thinking and has even led to people trying to impersonate her on anon memes to drag her name through the mud. (Luckily, this usually never works because the fakers make themselves obvious.)

People tend to go easy on her when they learn she's related to Patrick, though. Patrick and his misogyny and childish behavior are the main reason for her crusades and temper.


*Bleach; favorite character is Orihime, least favorite is Ulquiorra, OTP is Rukia/Orihime, NoTP is Ichigo/Rukia
*Revolutionary Girl Utena; favorite characters are Anthy and Shiori, least favorite is Ruka, OTP is Utena/Anthy, NoTP is Touga/Utena
*Ace Attorney; favorite characters are Iris and Juniper, least favorite is Matt Engarde, OTPs are Edgeworth/Gumshoe and Phoenix/Iris, NoTP is Kristoph/Apollo
*Fire Emblem Akaneia; favorite characters are Caeda and Mathis, least favorite is Gharnef, OTP is Marth/Caeda, NoTP is Linde/Merric
*Fire Emblem Elibe; favorite characters are Marcus and Ninian, least favorite is Ephidel, OTPs are Eliwood/Ninian and Clarine/Dorothy, NoTP is Lyn/Hector
*Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones; favorite character is Neimi, least favorite is Valter, OTP is Cormag/Tana, NoTP is Seth/Eirika
*Fire Emblem Tellius; favorite characters are Elincia and Micaiah, least favorite is Soren, OTP is Geoffrey/Elincia, NoTP is Ike/Soren
*Fire Emblem Awakening; favorite character is Sumia, least favorite is Gangrel, OTPs are Kellam/Female Avatar and Gerome/Laurent, NoTPs are Chrom/Avatar and Frederick/Cordelia
*Fire Emblem Fates; favorite characters are Felicia and Hinata, least favorite is Iago, OTPs are Camilla/Belka and Saizou/Kagerou, NoTP is Avatar/Xander
*Fire Emblem Echoes; favorite character is Celica, least favorite is Jedah, OTPs are Python/Forsyth Clive/Mathilda, NOTP is Alm/Clair
*Fushigi Yuugi; favorite characters are Miaka and Yui, least favorite is Tasuki, OTP is Miaka/Tamahome, NoTP is Tasuki/Miaka
*Fruits Basket; favorite character is Rin, least favorite is Aikto, OTP is Rin/Haru, NoTP is Haru/Yuki
*Mario; favorite character is Mario, least favorite is Bowser, OTP is Daisy/Luigi, NoTP is Luigi/Peach
*Final Fantasy VII; favorite character is Aeris, least favorite is Sephiroth, OTP is Tifa/Aeris, NoTP is Cloud/Tifa
*Final Fantasy VIII; favorite character is Rinoa, least favorite is Irvine, OTP is Squall/Rinoa, NoTP is Squall/Irvine
*Tales of Symphonia; favorite character is Colette, least favorite is Kratos, OTP is Lloyd/Colette, NoTP is Kratos/Raine
*Gundam Wing; favorite character is Relena, least favorite is Heero, OTP is Dorothy/Relena, NoTP is Heero/Duo
*Gundam Seed; favorite characters are Meer and Meyrin, least favorite is Le Creuset, OTP is Meer/Lacus, NoTP is Athrun/Cagalli
*Pokemon; favorite characters are Ash and Tracey, least favorite is Paul, OTP is Ash/Gary, NoTP is May/Drew
*Digimon 01-02; favorite character is Davis, least favorite is Matt, OTP is TK/Davis, NoTP is Matt/Mimi
*Ranma 1/2; favorite character is Akane, least favorite is Happosai, OTP is Ranma/Akane, NoTP is Ranma/Ukyo
*FAKE; favorite characters are JJ and Carol, least favorites are the serial killers/rapists, OTP is Carol/Bikky, NoTP is Dee/JJ (it stunts JJ's growth as a character!)
*Sailor Moon; favorite characters are ChibiUsa and Mamoru, least favorite is Seiya, OTP is ChibiUsa/Hotaru, NoTP is Usagi/Seiya
*Sorcerer Hunters; favorite character is Gateau, least favorite is Sacher, OTP is Marron/Gateau, NoTP is Marron/Tira
*Rune Factory 3; favorite character is Shara, has no deal least favorite, OTP is Daria/Micah, has no NoTP
*Avatar: The Last Airbender; favorite characters are Aang and Mai, least favorite is Jet, OTPs are Azula/Ty Lee and Sokka/Suki, NoTP is Zuko/Katara
*Sience Ninja Team Gatchaman; favorite characters are Jun and Jinpei, least favorite is Sosai X, OTP is Ken/Jun, NoTP is Ken/Joe
*Used to be into Gravitation before Patrick ruined it for her with his relentless squeeing and female-bashing. Naturally, her favorite character was Ayaka and her OTP was Hiro/Ayaka.

Alyssia defends 99.9% of hated and bashed characters in every fandom; if she doesn't leap to the defense of one you know they're horrible (Christian Grey, Edward Cullen, Anthony Caine). She has a habit of shipping "love rivals" together when she's not going for the hated canon ships or the more obscure ones. Her least favorites are usually the overrated characters and ships that are shoved in her face, or the flat-out douchebags or pairings she feels make no sense.