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Stamping out immature character bashing, one fandom at a time!

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Name:Alyssia Wells
Hi, I'm Alyssia. I'm a defender of hated fandom characters everywhere, insult them and incur my wrath!

Interests (120):

angst, anime, anti-bullies, anti-elitism, anti-stat whoring, arguing, bashing the bashers, being a soapbox sadie, being annoying, being defensive, being occasionally hypocritical, being stubborn, bleach, bridget is a bitch, canon, cassie's a bitch, character bashing is wrong, character development, chris, code geass, complaining, daria, defending female characters, defending hated characters, defense, digimon, drama, esmeralda's an idiot, essays, eyerolling at angela, eyerolling at josie, facepalming at lucy, fanfiction, final fantasy, fire emblem, fluff, foaming at the mouth, fruits basket, fuck you he's awesome, fuck you she's awesome, fushigi yuugi, gatchaman, good intentions, gordon's an asshole, gundam seed, gundam wing, hannah, hartman hips, hating the haters, het, humor, janet, joe, karen, kristan is a bitch, literature, manga, mario, maxie, meaning well, missy is a bitch, monica is narrow-minded, morgan is a psycho, movies, my little pony, not "cupcakes", not asucaga, not canon nazis, not derpygate, not fapping fanboys, not gary stus, not ichiruki, not mary sues, not overhyped characters, not overhyped couples, not overrated asshole bishounen, not shallow fanbrats, not sjw culture, not slut-shaming, not spike/rarity, not zutara, pokemon, pro-aang, pro-aeris, pro-ash, pro-colette, pro-davis, pro-juniper, pro-meyrin, pro-miaka, pro-micaiah, pro-ninian, pro-orihime, pro-relena, pro-shiori, ralph, ranma 1/2, ranting, rants, rod is gross, romance, rose of versailles, sailor bimbo sucks, sailor moon, scolding people, snapping at idiots, sorcerer hunters, speeches, stuart's a jackass, taking things too seriously, tales of symphonia, tl;dr, trisha's an idiot, trying to be patient with heather, tuxedo wank man sucks, unappreciated characters, video games, yaoi, yelling at patrick, yuri
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